Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Dr John Siebert is a well known thief, confessed morally unfit sex pervert, and a sociopath. Siebert has looted and emotionally robbes and raped many of his patients, resulting in NY State Filing legal action against him and resulting into Siebert's confession as a morally-unfit doctor and Suspension as a NY State Dooctor,

Siebert is a thief, a liar and a sociopath, who as conned and abused many. He has stolen money from many of his patients and he has engaged in extortion, filing false Reports with Medicare, Medicaid, various Medical Insurance Companies and with Castle Connonley as to his medical background and qualifications.

Siebert has been charged criminally by a number of his victims such as Muriel Karass, Ms Rachel, and others. Siebert has been evicted out of about 5 NYC Medical Offices for sex abuses, fraud and non payment of rents. Siebert was also evicted from his NYC apartment for non payment of rent. Siebert was charged with Bank Fraud by Chase Bank for pledging his Co-op Office Space in violation of the Co-op Rules and Regulations. Siebert also pledged the same Unit twice, once to Chase Bank and then to money lenders, Bayburry Capital Corp---Ben Ossman. Siebert filed many Federal and State Tax Returns For himself, his wife Kimberly and for his PC that were false and where Siebert defrauded millions by taking illegal deductions categorizingloan repayments as false "consulting fees", to Ossman and Bayburry. Siebert also further defrauded the IRS with illegal claims of bogus "theft-loss" for money he was paid back, bought stocks with and that he orchestrated himself as a control person of the very companies the controlled and was a corp officer and director. Siebert approved all transactions, approved all transactions by Agreements and Resolutions and then proceeded to defraud the IRS and State Tax Departments and then engage in bribery, ixes and perjury in the Courts where he is being sued for over $50million for his larceny.

Now why is  a woman, Diane Hendricks involved with such a despicable thief and pervert?

Scams Inc has learned that Diane Hendricks became a widow when her billionaire husband died in a untimely friek accident a few years ago. Diane we ave been told, went to UW Hospital seeking plastic surgery and met Siebert. She did not know that Siebert had been Fired by 5 NY State Hospitals forincompetence and sex abuses, an was conned by Siebert, a tactic and his usual MO.

Siebert is and has been a con-man. He has raped emotionally many woman patients, nurses and others. Many have filed Affidavits as to Siebert's perverted acts. On the Internet and on "Scribed" one can view the Affs. of Diane Kleiman,Linda M, Ms Rachel, Muriel Karass and others who have been Butchered by Siebert. Siebert sexually and emotionall raped many with his "slime-ball" pathetic supposed-self-styled midwestern con".

Siebert apparently saw a nwe chance at a Score, with a "Fat-Cat Angel", Diane Hendricks who had inherited billions from her husband. So Siebert, with all of his "Baggage" started on Hendricks.

Sienbert's Usual Routine is the phony smile sweet talk and then his sob-story as to how bad his marrage to Kimberly is. He has no sex, is miserable and stuck. Siebert then lies about his qualifications and medical conduct, Here at UW Hospital, the Officials all know that Siebert is a thief and has been treminated by 5 Hospitals in NY and Suspended by the Siate, yet UW has lied and cheated as to Siebert's Background and has failed to follow the Law Mandating that Siebert has a "Chapprone" present at all times when he is intercacing with a female patient.

Siebert as also been accused by a patient as a pedophile as well. Hendricks,we hear has been conned by Siebert and UW Hospital, we hear that Siebert did perform some facial surgery on Hendricks. We hear that Siebert conned Hendricks into believing that Siebert a warped idiot, is a cancer researcher.

Siebert could not research himself out of a paper bag, but no matter, Siebert cheated his way into becoming Hendricks Company Researcher. We have learned that Siebert is engaging in similar acts with Widow Hendricks as he did with lawyer Diane Kleiman (see Kleiman Affidavit of 8 pages on Scribed). Siebert has robbed Medicade of patient Barbara Pollucci's money as well.

Siebert has not only lied and cheated many of his victims (see "VICTIMS OF DR JOHN SIEBERT, on the Internet), but Siebert has bamboozled his wife Kimberly.

We has learned that Siebert misuses Narcotics to pollute the brains of his victims, ane was fired by NYU-Langone Hospital for doing so with Kleiman and others as Reported by Kleiman in her Affidavit.

Sadly, we aer told that Siebert has bamboozled Diane Hendricks as well. Who a woman with a pre-eminent husband now turn to a pervert and depraved con-artist? Diane Hendricks should conduct a in-depth Investigation of Siebert and call Diane Kleiman, Linda M, Rachel, Karass and the many other Victims Siebert has Robbed. Then she should look at the Court Pleadings in NY Siete Supreme Court and Federal Court and NY State Department of Health under FOIL and see what Siebert has been involved. She should look into Siebert's lawyer Joseph M Burke as undenied perjurer, fixer and thief. She should hire KROLL ASSOCIATES, and learn how UW Hospital, Siebert and Burke have conned her.

Siebert is now using Hendricks and her connections by engaging in Mail and Wire Fraud, by publishing false statements and Press-Releases about Siebert's Background, larceny, sex abuses, patient butcherings and frauds.

Siebert is not a "respectable doctor with a research background". Siebert is a disgraced fraud, a incompetent acheat and a liar, all evidenced by Documents, State Suspensions, Terminations by NYU-Langone, Lenox Hill, MEET, NY Eye and Ear Infirmary, Belleviue Hospitals. Police Reports, Eviction Reports, National Restraining Orders, Tax Evasions, Investigations into Siebert and Burke's Frauds, criminal activities, thefts, bribery, extortion, etc.

Anyone who becomes involved with Siebert or his gang of crooks, all documented by proofs, needs to run to the nearest Law Enforcement Office and Report them as be sure a Crime is or has been committed.

Diane Hendricks sadly is being Raped by Siebert Financially and likely otherwise as well, and we feel sorry for her and her Family and Company.